Kunshan second Home for your children

There is so many parents are headache for their kids or children, because nobody takecare of the kids after school because the parents are still need to work or some couple need to flyback to the home country but the kids are not on the holiday. Kunshan Home have a service to temporarily take care your children, the children will bring from school (Kunshan area) to KUNSHAN HOME and have a dinner before the parents come to pick them up. In case the parents fly back to the country, the children will have 2 meals and sleep at KUNSHAN HOME, we have the teacher who are taking care for their homework. The KUNSHAN HOME are located close to the new railway station and close to the Kunshan International school. It is very convenience to go to Shanghai by railway station. The security and safety is our first priority concern. You can contact us at chatreeph@hotmail.com or phanmei@hotmail.com or call us at our China mobile phone : 13913238961, 13732674819